Out of the Boxx- A new electrified urban scooter legend?

Today I saw firsthand why the definition of an electric vehicle should be kept broad. I had seen a picture previously, but it debuted in its many colors at the Portland Auto Show‘s Eco- Center.  Designed by motorsports engineers, meant to be simple but distinctive, and likened to what Apple did for the design of the  PC- meet the BOXX.


Weighing in at 120lbs, with two electric drives for each tire, it has an 80 mile range per charge and a top speed of 45 mph (and probably faster).  It is an urban transport vehicle you can drive to the office and take on the elevator with you or leave outside and remove the battery and ignition compartment (seen on the floor next to the silver version). It costs approximately $4000. It is an Oregonian native designed to appeal to men and women with the need for convenience and style.  It has a laser that visually constructs a safety lane around it as it moves at night (which I have not seen but is really cool sounding).  You can buy them on line- and several have already been sold that way. The throttle and brakes are together on the handles, along with an emergency brake on the foot peg.  Portland is a homebase for electrified motorcycles and bicycles and unicycles– no one can accuse us of not thinking out of the Boxx.  What do you think?

Here’s a different color:


2 thoughts on “Out of the Boxx- A new electrified urban scooter legend?

  1. Pat

    I might get one of these and throw it in the back of my Leaf. They I can park the Leaf at a charging station that is a few miles from my destination and zip around on this while the Leaf charges up.

    1. driveevs Post author

      Pat- Thanks for the comment! I want to drive one. It begs for a test drive. I’m not sure my lower back wants to lift it into my car trunk- at 120lbs. Glad you liked the blog entry. There’s too much going on at times to capture but you do a great job with your efforts with the Paperli and OEVA!

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