Welcome to my blog about electric vehicles #EVs, driving EVs, the EV Industry, EV policy and transforming the electric utility industry.

My mission is to promote transportation electrification and smart grid technologies. This blog will come at EVs from many perspectives – from driver to industry advocate, and in particular will focus on New England’s efforts to move the EV community forward.

I work in this space professionally and personally.

I founded and am Director of Electric Mobility NE, based in Portland, Maine.  I sell charging stations manufactured by ClipperCreek Inc,. ClipperCreek designs chargers and accessories for both Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid EVs. Products include portable and stationary charging stations for residential, workplace,  commercial,  fleet and public applications.

I provide a wide variety of consulting services designed to accelerate EV adoption in New England. A sampling of these roles include: counsel for one of the largest network EVSE providers (Ecotality) at Public Utility Commission regulatory proceedings, working on Utility-based EV pilot (Central Maine Power) assisting them in growing infrastructure and vehicle visibility in their service territories, organizing ride and drive events (2d largest National Drive Electric Day Event in New England 2014), coordinating partnerships with NIssanUSA for deployment of Maine’s first DC fast Charge network in the Greater Portland area and working to engage stakeholders to drive change.  I am also a recent member (2013-14) of the Massachusetts EV Initiative Task Force helping develop policy and create a roadmap for deployment.

I serve on the board of directors for Plug In America.  Plug In America drives change.  We accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation’s dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment.

Please visit and share content, comment often and, above all, enjoy the ride. Feel free to contact me directly at bwoods@emne.net or call 503-504-6492

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