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Ford enters new hybrid electric vehicle market with F-150

Americans are buying SUVs and pick-up trucks like they’re going out of business. So Ford’s announcement yesterday about their plan for 7 electrified vehicles to be introduced in the next 5 years marks the entry of a major automaker into the market segment most in need of higher mileage, less emissions and more torque. In fact, life in the EV space just got very interesting.  Of course, it makes one wonder what took so long?  But congratulations to an American car company who actually recognizes what Americans want and needs by offering a hybrid electric F-150. Of course it would be great if it had a plug but you have to start somewhere.


Ford will build seven of 13 new global electrified vehicles coming in the next five years, including F-150 Hybrid pick-up truck, Mustang Hybrid sports car and Transit Custom plug-in hybrid van.

Here’s the data on American consumers, who are rapidly shifting away from sedans and piling into SUVs and pickup trucks: